WELCOME TO Lifestream Colon Hydrotherapy Institute (L-CHI)

There is an increasing demand worldwide for colon hydrotherapy services both as preparatory to colonoscopy and other endoscopic procedures as well as for management of bowel conditions such as constipation. Colon hydrotherapy is also used worldwide for wellness regimes and is gaining increased recognition by the mainstream medical establishment. Patients are asking for professionally conducted colon hydrotherapy—it is a patient-friendly alternative to oral preps and it is a palliative measure of choice for a host of other GI conditions. The Angel of Water CM-1 device we manufacture and train to at Lifestream Purification Systems, LLC is cleared by FDA as Class II RX ONLY and requires an order for sale from an MD, DO, or healthcare practitioner who has the legal scope of practice in a clinical setting to administer, or directly oversee the administration of, the internal procedure known as colon hydrotherapy or colon irrigation.

L-CHI has two training courses available:

16-hour Operations Training
This course covers the operation, sanitization and maintenance of the Angel of Water CM-1 device.

L-CHI 100-hour Certification Course
This course is designed for the healthcare practitioner who wants to become a certified colon therapist. This course includes the Operations Training course above.

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