Institute Policies

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the dynamic and growing field of Colon Hydrotherapy.

Individuals with previous experience and credentials in other healthcare modalities or fields should not assume that because of their knowledge they can automatically place out of any part of the CHT curriculum. This is a holistic program and each of its component parts is essential to the whole in order for the CHT candidate to be properly trained and prepared to practice. Therefore, please do not ask us to step out of the integrity of our program for your convenience. If you have any questions regarding your prior training, please contact us before the school to discuss your specific situation.

The curriculum at L-CHI takes place in a real-life setting, not a contrived one. Schedules will change, appointments will cancel, and things will happen that ARE NOT PLANNED. Candidates need, therefore, to plan for the trainings as follows:

Operations Training Only:

Operations Training is the first 2 days and will go all day both days—the class will dismiss at 6:00pm on the second day.

L-CHI/I-ACT 100-Hour Level One Training:

The usual schedule is Saturday through Saturday with L-CHI and I-ACT membership testing on Friday and Saturday.  Please call for next dates.

  • Days start at 8:30am and go until the work is done for that day
  • Saturdays are testing days
  • Lunch breaks are at 1-2:15pm daily
  • Some whole food snacks, teas, and beverages will be provided during the school day

Candidates should come refreshed, physically fit, emotionally calm, mentally clear, and with their personal lives in sufficient order to focus and keep up with the dynamic pace of a real-life colon hydrotherapy practice. This experience will hone and polish you and demand your patience, calmness, cheerfulness, optimism, professionalism, adaptability, and flexibility. All of these virtues will be necessary for your continued success in this field.

If the above requirements seem too demanding, then this curriculum is likely not for you. If, on the other hand, you are prepared to exemplify the attributes described above, and that we know to be necessary for this work, then we are confident you will have a wonderful experience at L-CHI.

Please sign and date this policy and notice and send it back to us with your L-CHI and I-ACT applications (see checklist provided in your Welcome Letter) showing that you are in agreement with the requirements laid out here. We look forward to seeing you in Austin, TX!