L-CHI Class Schedule

L-CHI Class Schedule


Saturday           8:30-9am   Intro and Welcome

    9-10:15am   Your Kitchen is Your Pharmacy PPP

    10:15-10:30am   Break

                   10:30am-1pm   User’s Guide Highlighting

    1-2:15pm    Lunch

                           2:15-6pm     Contents of the Sanitation Kit, Sanitation Protocols,                                              Conducting a Successful Session, Sessions Practicum

Sunday             10am-1pm    Sessions Practicum

    1-2:15pm   Lunch

                          2:15-4:30pm     Sessions Practicum

   4:30-6pm    Operations Test

Monday            8:30-10am    Power of Perception PPP

   10-10:15am   Break

   10:15am-1pm   Test Study Guide/Glossary/I-ACT Forms, L-CHI Chapters 1-3

   1-2:15pm    Lunch

   2:15-6pm   Sessions Practicum, L-CHI Chapter 4

Tuesday          8:30-9:30am   Body World DVD

   9:30-9:45   Break

                          9:45am-1pm    L-CHI Chapter 5, Sessions Practicum

   1-2:15pm  Lunch

   2:15-6pm  L-CHI Chapter 6, Sessions Practicum

Wednesday     8:30am-1pm   L-CHI Chapter 7

   1-2:15pm  Lunch

   2:15-6pm  15 Minute Presentation Rehearsals, Sessions Practicum

Thursday         8:30am-1pm  15 Minute Presentation Rehearsals, Sessions Practicum, L-CHI Chapter 7

   1-2:15pm  Lunch   

                          2:15-6pm    Sessions Practicum

Friday               8:30am-1pm   15 Minute Presentation Rehearsals, Sessions Practicum

   1-2:15pm   Lunch

   2:15-6pm   Sessions Practicum, I-ACT Test

Saturday          8:30am-1pm   L-CHI Final Exam

   1pm  Class Dismissed