Articles of General Interest

General interest articles are listed here by keywords/authors discussing value, efficacy, and safety of colon hydrotherapy. They are culled from the following sources: AOW network practitioner and patient publications; I-ACT Convention publications; I-ACT (International Association of Colon Therapists, San Antonio, TX, website www. member authors; GPACT (Global Professional Association for Colon Therapy website member authors (clinical research tab); internet search of recent articles published on colon hydrotherapy.

These articles provide an indication of the changing attitudes toward colon hydrotherapy. Those attitudes are becoming generally more positive, although more clinical research is needed to show the efficacy of colon irrigation as prep to colonoscopy and as a treatment option for constipation.

Bunderson-Shelvan Rebuttal Ro J Fam Prac

Colonics__Thomas Dorman MD

Endonurse Bowel Preps 2012

Endonurse Colon Hydrotherapy A New Perspective For 2012__Leon

New Moblity Bowel Prep Alternative__Gardner

Townsend Letter__Hitt

Value of CHT Verified__Walker

Vitality Mag Colon Hydrotherapy Article__Roter

Web MD Post