“Rocco, you are the ‘Field of Dreams Man’ – build it and they will come. After 40 years of administering colon therapy, I can finally serve my clients with a 5-star medical device. The Angel of Water is beyond my dreams.”
Marsha M., Sarasota FL

“I never imagined just being around a group of people for two days could impact me in so many ways. I want to thank you for what you do for the world and what you did for me.”

“The training was awesome and we knew we had made the right choice. We feel confident that we will buy another Angel of Water CM-1 as our business grows.”
France R., Santa Monica CA

“The training and support provided by Lifestream makes the entire process quite easy to implement. We wholeheartedly recommend this system to other health care providers.” John W., East Lansing MI

“Thank you so much for the class on using the Angel of Water CM-1. It was excellent–both informative and fun. Loved your passion, stories, and expertise! You are an excellent teacher.”

“Rocco, I feel truly honored to be your student. I have had an inner smile all the way back to MA.”
Eileen T., Boston MA

“Rocco, you teach and live with a passion that is inspirational on many levels. You have such a beautiful spirit and it is so evident in the respect you have for yourself, for those around you, and for those you meet.”
Genita W., Tyler TX

“Dear Rocco–It was an absolute delight to have had the pleasure of meeting you. Your class and all that you shared with us was so inspiring and was a wonderful experience. I gained so much on all levels and I look so forward to working with you in the future. I will keep you updated as my company progresses and look forward to having you come to Chicago.”
Christina C., Chicago IL

“Dear Rocco, I want to thank you deeply for the training and certification I received at Lifestream this past January. The experience I had was very positive and very inspiring, even life altering. The course touched on many levels of colon therapy and raised many questions about my own health and awareness. I was challenged by the information and yet guided and supported through the process of entering this new field, one I knew very little about. The curriculum not only prepared us well for the testing but also inspired us to look deeper within as instruments of health and service.”
Michael H., Palm Desert CA