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Premier Colon Health Training

Embark on a transformative journey with our certification programs, tailored to fit practitioners of all backgrounds and skillsets.

Whether you're an experienced medical professional or seeking a meaningful career change, our courses equip you to master the world's leading colon irrigation system, ensuring I-ACT recognition and expertise.

Rocco Bruno, Director of L-CHI

Dear Aspiring Health Practitioner,

With over four decades in the holistic health field, I can assure you the rewards of being a natural health practitioner are truly remarkable. The privilege of empowering others to take responsibility for their health and wellness from a preventive standpoint is the driving force behind our efforts.

Lifestream Colon Health Institute’s (L-CHI) mission is to convey the timeless principles of natural and healthy living, fostering these principles for future generations through education and practice. Our approach to empowerment integrates inspiration, motivation, education, and robust training.

Your journey is important to us. If you'd like to chat about our programs, I invite you to contact me personally at We warmly invite you to join us at L-CHI on this path of learning, growth, and immense rewards.

Yours in Health,

Rocco Bruno, Director of L-CHI

5 out of 5 stars

“The training was awesome and we knew we had made the right choice. We feel confident that we will buy another Angel of Water CM-1 as our business grows.”

France R.
Santa Monica, CA

5 out of 5 stars

“The training and support provided by Lifestream makes the entire process quite easy to implement. We wholeheartedly recommend this system to other health care providers.”

John W.
East Lansing, MI

5 out of 5 stars

“Thank you so much for the class on using the Angel of Water CM-1... Loved your passion, stories, and expertise! You are an excellent teacher.”

Eileen T.
Boston, MA

5 out of 5 stars

“After 40 years of administering colon therapy, I can finally serve my clients with a 5-star medical device. The Angel of Water is beyond my dreams.”

Marsha M.
Sarasota, FL

“I want to thank you deeply for the training and certification I received at Lifestream. The experience I had was very positive and very inspiring.”

Michael H.
Palm Desert, CA

5 out of 5 stars

“Your class and all that you shared with us was so inspiring and was a wonderful experience. I gained so much on all levels.”

Christina C.
Chicago, IL

Essential Information

Understanding Colon
Health Certification

Colon health has evolved significantly in the last quarter-century, driven by growing demand and increased acknowledgment within the medical community. Despite our device being FDA cleared for bowel evacuation, it's crucial to note that no colon irrigation system is approved for "toxin" removal. Our clearance pertains to cleansing "waste" from the colon, and discussions of toxin removal are not currently scientifically supported nor permitted.

Modern colonic devices, including their nozzles, are categorized as Class II medical devices. Purchasers currently need a prescription from a licensed medical professional to obtain these devices for commercial use. We recommend consulting the I-ACT website for details on FDA-cleared equipment. Prospective students should establish a relationship with a licensed medical practitioner who can prescribe colon irrigation in their respective states.

Upon completing our program, you'll be certified—not licensed. Depending on the state, this certification allows you to operate either independently or under the guidance of a licensed medical professional. It's essential to verify local regulations to ensure lawful operation.

For a responsible entry into the field, consider the following key components:

  • Office Space: A 10' X 10' room is ideal for installing the FDA-registered Angel of Water CM-1 (Open System) device.
  • Certification Training: Our training utilizes the Angel of Water CM-1, empowering you with the knowledge to operate the device, conduct sessions, market effectively, and navigate legal requirements, including obtaining medical oversight where mandated.
  • Medical Sponsorship: Purchasing the Angel of Water device and its components requires a prescription from a licensed medical professional, except in Florida, where licensed colon hydrotherapists can operate autonomously.
  • Quality Equipment: The Angel of Water CM-1 sets the industry gold standard.
Graduating students showing their certificates
Graduating students showing their certificates
Graduating students showing their certificates

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

- Rumi
13th-Century Poet, Theologian, and Mystic
Graduating students showing their certificates
Graduating students showing their certificates
Graduating students showing their certificates
Graduating students showing their certificates

Certification Options

Choose the right certification for you

Chart your unique path in colon health. Our certifications range from foundational to advanced, meeting every practitioner's needs.

Angel of Water® Operations Training

$850 / person

One training included with system purchase

Enroll Today

Everything necessary to operate the Angel of Water device®.

  • 2 Days (16 hrs approx.)
  • Angel of Water® Operating Fundamentals
  • Executing Sanitation Protocols
  • Conducting sessions with clients/patients

Colon Health Clinical Practices

$1800 / person

Essential operations training and enrichment

Enroll Today

Everything in Angel of Water® Operations Training plus complementary health training.

  • 4 Days (40 hrs approx.)
  • Angel of Water® Operations Training
  • Anatomy/Physiology of Alimentary Tract
  • Nutrition & Reflexology
  • Success Strategies for Colon Health Practices

Colon Health Practitioner

$4500 / person

Essential practicum for I-ACT certification

Enroll Today

Everything in Colon Health Clinical Practices training, plus 100 hours of onsite practicum.

  • 10 Days
  • Angel of Water® Operations Training
  • Colon Health Clinical Practices Training
  • 100 hours of onsite practicum
  • Conferred designation of Colon Health Practitioner

  • Earn the designation of Professional Colon Hydrotherapist upon completing I-ACT's 200-hour Cengage Online Learning (separate I-ACT fee approx. $900)

Navigate Your Next Steps

Everything you need to kickstart or advance your career is just a click away.

Review entrance requirements, understand our tuition and refund policies, acquaint yourself with student responsibilities, discover convenient lodging options, and explore an illustrative 10-day schedule.

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